• Glyn Humphreys

    Glyn Humphreys is Watts Professor and Head of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. He was formerly at Birkbeck College London (1979-1989) and the University of […]

  • Yoel Inbar

    Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto Dr. Inbar’s research concerns the interplay between two general mental processes that influence judgment: rational, deliberate analysis, and intuitive, emotional […]

  • Susan Greenfield

    SCIENTIST, AUTHOR AND BROADCASTER Susan Greenfield is a research scientist, author and broadcaster based in Oxford. She has held research fellowships in the Department of Physiology […]

  • Brian Nosek

    Professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, and the co-founder and director of the Center for Open Science Academic page | Wikipedia page Brian Nosek received a […]

  • James T. Townsend

    Professor Townsend is a distinguished professor at Indiana University. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University (1966) and is known for his insights on mathematical psychology. Read about war he thinks..

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