About Cognobytes

Why CognoBytes?

A lot goes into thinking how our mind and brains work. But, most of the discussion remains inside research labs. We wanted to break this and let you all get some part of the information in a simple manner.

On the CognoBytes Featured Thinkers List , we feature short interviews and messages from few of the top thinkers who have been involved with research and have distinguished themselves.

Contact: mail@cognobytes.org

For your convenience, most other questions are answered right here.

Q: Who are the researchers who are featured in the list of Thinkers?

A: There is no specific rule we follow. As we come across good researchers and when others nominate somebody, we wish to request the researcher for being featured. If the researcher agrees, we add that person in our list. An important deciding factor is publications in good peer reviewed journals or being involved with great research either focused on society or on advancing basic research. They can be at any level of their career including independent researchers/consultants. However, any decision we take remains final.

Q: Where can I advertise on this site? Advertising costs? 

A: At this time, we do not offer advertisng space. However, we are helped by one or two organizations who support our operational costs. Mostly we get in-touch with such people on our own but feel free to email mail@cognobytes.org for details and to get a quotation if you are interested.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: We will start the call for submissions for Cog Review where you can submit an article. Please note that it should be covering an opinion, update, review, insight and must be written in a manner accessible for people from any background.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly on mail@cognobytes.org