CognoBytes – Featured Thinkers

The CognoBytes Scholars List features few top researchers and thinkers worldwide who work on mind, brain and behaviour (cogno) by bringing their personal messages to you in small packages (bytes). CognoBytes Scholars List is handpicked, and very selective about who is included.

(ordered as Lastname, Firstname)

Alter, Adam

Baron, Jonathan

Bishop, Dorothy

Blackmore, Susan

Belk, Russel W.

Czerwinski, Mary

Dunn, Elizabeth

Gilbert, Daniel

Gino, Francesca

Greenfield, Susan

Griskevicius, Vladas

Humphreys, Glyn

Inbar, Yoel

Kosslyn, Stephen M.

Ledoux, Joseph [New!]

Liberman, Nira

Newell, Ben

Nosek, Brian

Norton, Michael I.

Posner, Michael I.

Schwarz, Nobert

Shadlen, Michael

Slovic, Paul

Singh, Ramadhar

Townsend, James T.

Vohs, Kathleen


We are always open for recommendations on whom to add next. Send us your nomination (or self-nominate)